my first media page. i myself use this for anime recs (here’s a big working preview for that) but it can be used for movies, books, tv shows or what ever you want to with little customization. black and white color options. use colors wisely and here are the instructions for customizing and installing (there’s also some info in the coding), everything you need to change is written with CAPITAL LETTERS. be careful while editing the coding ok there’s a lot of stuff in there. anyway follow the rules and have fun!

→ preview,  download [black]
→ (working) preview,  download [white]

- links for home, ask, archive + theme credit
- working isotope filtering for tags, you can add them as much as you want to
- tags visible on pop up box
- search box 
- black and white pre set color options

- hover template for your own comments
- template images 173x274px
- comment images max 123x123px
- places for media title, wikipedia link, many details, quote, own comments and summary
- add as many templates as you want to

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Blogroll #3 - Network #1 by Phoenix Themes (ROBBARYA)

Instructions in code. Please read them all before asking and don’t trust the customization preview.


  • Diamond grid responsive layout.
  • 3 customizable links
  • 200x200 member image
  • Infinite amount of network members


  • Don’t claim as your own
  • Don’t remove or move the credit
  • Don’t redistribute
  • Don’t use as a base. You can edit it as much as you like as long as the credit remains untouched.

Blogroll: Preview | Code: (pastebin-freetexthost)

Network: Preview | Code: (pastebin-freetexthost)

Ilustrations credit

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sailorfuckingvenus sent : Hi! I don't mean to trouble you, but theme 12 says it's compatible with music players but it doesn't have the pastebox for the code. Is the box missing, or is there a place I'm supposed to be plugging it in directly to the theme code?

Ah… It’s actually referring to audio players. Sorry for the confusion!


Pattern Set #05

To download: right click on a pattern, then Save Image As.


Pattern Set #06

To download: right click on a pattern, then Save Image As.


pretty pink grid tiles that you can use for your themes and such! I made them, please enjoy ✧˖° ヾ(^∇^)

Anonymous sent : Hi! I love your themes so much! Can i make a request? An Ouran High School Host Club if you haven't made one already? But you don't have to if you're to busy~

Ask#2: Ah I’m sorry I didn’t realize you were on hiatus! please excuse my ohshc request!

Thank you! I’ll definitely put that on my list! I most likely won’t plan on making it anytime soon, but I will make it for you, anon! Someday~ someday ;A;

Anonymous sent : Im trying to use Sly Blue theme (#18 i think) for my blog and I dont know how to add music to it.

Check out the FAQ… or this link!

Anonymous sent : Hi! I'm using your base code and I love it! Thank you so much for making it. I moved the sidebar over more to the right, and I noticed that whenever I decreased the size of my browser the posts will overlap the sidebar. Is there a way to fix this? And I'm sorry if I'm bothering you with this question.

Thank you and you’re not bothering me haha!

As for the sidebar, how did you write the code? Did you use something like:

right: 99px;

or did you use something like:

margin-left: 99px;

If you use right, it will constantly be the same amount of pixels away from the end of the screen. However, if you use margin-left, it will stay in the same position despite the size of the sidebar. 

Update: Dying Will

The links’ hover text was messed up, so I fixed it up! It should be closer to the cursor now!